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The list of Chicago Creative Agencies: 622 and counting

About AgencyPimp

In a market with as much opportunity as Chicago, it's impossible to keep track of all the work that's available. AgencyPimp aims to benefit art directors, designers, writers and photographers by providing access to agencies that might just be the perfect fit. All agencies are listed free of charge to create the most comprehensive, unbiased collection available. AgencyPimp is a project created and curated by interactive designer, Keith Streble.


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Who will see my AgencyPimp ads?
The massive community of Chicago creative professionals, including full-time and freelance designers, art directors, creative directors, writers, developers, UX designers, producers, project managers, and strategists. Design students looking for internships and full-time jobs. Creative staffing agencies and recruiters who match businesses with employees. General businesses looking to hire a creative agency for their project.

Note to Students

There is no one right way to break into this industry. Find a few places that you admire, throw on a smile, and get your work in front of them. Have fun and be yourself. There's a fit for everyone.

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